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Hi my name is Louise and I suffered from Disturbing Thoughts and Derealisation

...and this is my recovery story

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"There was a constant sense of doom around my life"

My first real experience of anxiety began randomly one day; I was driving myself, my son, partner and mother down the motorway for a day trip that had been planned for a while. It just came from nowhere, my heart was pounding, I felt so dizzy, and I was so scared. Thankfully, we were near a service station so I could pull in and try to get myself together. I couldn’t drive the rest of the way, I was too scared. I made my partner drive the rest of the way and all the way home. I had never experienced anything like this before.
After that day, I can honestly say that I wasn’t the same. I would wake up every morning feeling anxious. I would get these tingling sensations in my head that could last all day long. It was getting so bad that I had begun to convince myself that I was suffering with a brain tumour, brain cancer or something like a stroke. I honestly felt so awful, I was sure something was seriously wrong with me.

I was constantly dizzy; I was so spaced out all the time I felt like I was dreaming. There was a constant sense of doom around my life, I just felt like I was going completely crazy. I felt like I was constantly floating through my day, that I was becoming so detached from reality.

At the time I was working in a nursery, it was a fantastic job and I enjoyed it so much. My anxiety began to take over and it started to take over my work life. It began with health anxiety, constantly worrying I was going to get ill or that my symptoms were underlying conditions the doctors and nurses were missing. Going out of the house where I could become ill started to make me feel more terrified leaving the house, it got to the point that I had agoraphobia and I had to leave my job due be unable to leave the house. I couldn’t think straight or take care of myself, let alone someone’s child. I couldn’t even bring myself to drive twenty minutes from my home to work because the thought of leaving the house just terrified me, even the thought of leaving could spark a panic attack and then lead to constant negative thoughts.

My family were so supportive at the time; they understood that some thing I really just couldn’t do. I couldn’t pick up or take my son to school. They would do all my food shopping for me; they’d do any errands that needed doing. I knew that this wasn’t the right thing; I knew I should have been capable to do the every day things that needed to be done. So I went to see my GP and he offered me anti-depressants and anxiety tablets, the thought of being on tablets and knowing the side effects can be worse than the anxiety itself, I decided to not take the medication.

My GP decided that we should try another root and suggested that I should attend therapy, but I just found talking about my anxiety made me feel so much worse. After no improvements, we moved onto CBT. I hated every second of it, I felt terrible. I felt constantly pushed into facing my fears head on; I felt like these people really didn’t understand exactly what was happening to me. As lovely as these people were, they were just telling me exactly what they had been trained to do and it was clear to see that none of them had ever experienced anxiety in their own lives.

Nothing was working; I was at my wits end. I was fed up, my anxiety just kept building every day. I felt a million sensations building up inside me and I was just terrified that I was actually going crazy. I couldn’t sleep, I felt so depressed and low, and if I fell asleep, I’d twitch and wake myself up. I was just exhausted with it all; when I did sleep I dreaded waking up and trying to get out of bed. I honestly thought it would never end.

"I couldn’t believe it, at last there was someone who was there, who understood, who could guide me in the right direction"

One day I was just scrolling over Facebook and happened to come across a video that Charles Linden had posted, everything he was saying was so relatable. So I did my research. I read up on The Method, I read reviews online about the Home Learning Programme, Retreats etc. I had tried so many different roads before, so I knew I had to try this one.
"Within two days of startling The Linden Method I actually got out of my house"
I couldn’t believe it, at last there was someone who was there, who understood, who could guide me in the right direction. Charles and the whole team were right behind me every step of the way; they were at hand, if ever I needed advice or any of my questions answered. TLM was the best thing that I ever did, within two days of startling The Linden Method I actually got out of my house. Within a week, I could take my son to school and be waiting to pick him up of an evening. I could do all of my shopping, my symptoms and sensations were practically gone and before I knew it I was back to being myself again.
I wasn’t frightened anymore, TLM gave me the tool I needed to get myself on the road to recovery and that is exactly what I did. I followed the programme everyday, for two whole years I though a holiday with my family was a thing of the past but after doing The Method we went away. We sat on the beach, we built sandcastles, we enjoyed every single aspect of the holiday and not once did I feel frightened.

I got myself a new job, I now work in retail, away from my home, and surrounded by different people every single day and I honestly couldn’t be any happier. I tried everything and nothing worked but this Method.

I honestly couldn’t recommend The Linden Method enough. If you are struggling with your anxiety, please just put your faith in the TLM team and give The Method a go. If it can help me get my life back within a few days, I am sure it will for you too.

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I am an not an Anxiety Disorder Recovery Specialist, so I cannot provide recovery support or guidance to clients.

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Just know that you can quickly become the person you were born to be.


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