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Hi my name is Sarah and I suffered from Panic Attacks

...and this is my recovery story

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"I became so overwhelmingly withdrawn that I couldn’t do anything"

I attended the Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreat in March 2016 in a desperate bid to learn how to become ‘better’.  Well actually, it was my Mum who was so desperate for change.  I, after spending around six months in a constant and hyper vigilant state of anxiety, I had resigned myself to the fact that this was just how life was going to be for me, and that I would never be relaxed or happy ever again.
At the end of September 2015 I was signed off of work for two weeks. “It will just give you a bit of a break” I was told. That two week break turned into a 7 month hiatus, during which my anxiety manifested itself in many, many physical symptoms. That for me was the hardest thing to deal with. I hated that my heart would beat so fast that it permanently felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I hated that my hands would shake continuously and that they, along with my feet, would tingle all the time. I would sweat constantly even when I was cold. My legs would twitch and I could never, ever, sit still. My mouth was always dry, I couldn’t concentrate on anything and the constant knot in my stomach was unbearable. I would lie awake at night, wide awake every night and would think about anything and everything over and over and over.

I was constantly exhausted, yet on constant alert. Very quickly I became so overwhelmingly withdrawn that I couldn’t do anything, see anyone or go anywhere. At the age of 33 I was back staying with my parents to be ‘looked after’. Together we spent a fortune on therapists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists… name it, I tried it. But nothing made a difference. Well not for more than a few moments anyway. It was horrendous for me but equally heartbreaking for my husband and parents, who had watched their beloved wife and daughter turn from one of the most sociable butterflies they knew into this sad, withdrawn and frightened individual.

Around five months into my period of suffering we came across the Linden Method retreat. I remember arriving at the retreat like it was just yesterday. And I remember specifically thinking ‘why are all these other people here – they don’t look remotely anxious’. All the other clients appeared to be chatting freely and openly and I remember thinking that it wasn’t going to do anything for me. After all, how could it when I was so much worse than anyone else?!

Well, how wrong could I have been! Now I am not saying that I came away completely cured – that process took a few weeks, but straight away I contacted my boss about returning to work on a phased return and on the 4 May 2018 I will have been back in work for two years. Yes two whole years! And since my return to work I haven’t experienced one panic attack or one episode of inappropriate anxiety.

So what changed? Simple – I followed and complied to The Linden Method fully.

"just six weeks after I returned to work and I also attended Glastonbury festival with my friends"

I adopted the programme ethos and even wrote down the key points and kept a copy in my purse to which I could refer (I still have that piece of paper now, although I haven’t looked at it for as long as I can remember!). I stopped seeing my therapist, my acupuncturist and my hypnotherapist. And I stopped telling everyone and anyone I could about my anxiety and slowly I actually started to enjoy the things I was doing rather than dreading them.
"I stopped telling everyone and anyone I could about my anxiety and slowly I actually started to enjoy the things I was doing rather than dreading them"
In June 2016, around just six weeks after I returned to work, I attended Glastonbury festival with my friends! But this time I drove myself and met my friends there on day two (I can no longer handle a five day stint at Glastonbury, but that is simply due to age and stamina and nothing to do with anxiety!). My ticket was purchased for me when I was first off of work and at that time I had absolutely no intention of going. After all, how could I possibly have coped? And if you had told me in the January before that is what I would be doing just a few months down the line I wouldn’t have believed you in a million years! Yet, it was the best Glastonbury I have experienced to date. It might have been ‘the year of the mud’ but it was the most enjoyable, amazing experience and I shall remember that particular festival with fond memories for the rest of my life.

A few months further down the line my husband decided to start his own business in his trade as a carpenter. In years gone by I have always steered him away from taking that step on the basis that it was too much of a risk. But this time I encouraged him all the way with not a hint of panic in sight! He is now well into a very successful business and I couldn’t be more proud. And I am doing all of his paperwork for him, which is a far cry from the days of his Mum having to write his invoices because I just couldn’t bear to do it!
Ben and I now enjoy holidays, city breaks and camping trips. We both love outdoor activities and of course horses still play a big part in my life. I can really feel the difference when I haven’t spent time with them; it is absolutely my therapy and I just love it. I am still working on getting Ben to buy me one – although that might take a bit longer to achieve!!

In a nutshell The Linden Method changed my life. And in turn it changed the lives of my husband and my family. It taught me that I didn’t need to ‘manage’ my anxiety but that I could completely eradicate it, and more importantly it showed me how. I am now completely anxiety free. My marriage is better than it has ever been and my life is more fulfilled than ever before. The social butterfly is back and I am genuinely excited for the future.

If you feel like you’ve lost sight of yourself because of your anxiety then you can change that today. The Linden Method will change you, give you your life back and so much more. I am the happiest I have ever been and it’s all thanks to TLM!

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