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Hi my name is Zoe and I suffered from Panic Attacks and Derealisation

...and this is my recovery story

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"I had a firm belief that I couldn't move around properly because my heart would give out"

My name is Zoe and I am from Stonehouse in Gloucestershire.

The beginning of anxiety for me came after I had a slow withdrawal of an 'anti- anxiety' drug. A drug that I should have never been prescribed in the first place. I took it for twenty years attempting to stop it on many occasions but failing because withdrawal effects were so scary.
I went on to suffer horrendous symptoms for two and half to three years. I started having panic attacks, which terrified me. Physical symptoms, a feeling of absolute fear, thudding, pains in my legs and I had a firm belief that I couldn't move around properly because my heart would give out. I could not eat properly and lost a lot of weight and would only eat very tiny amounts of food. Cooking would make me have a panic- attack so I stopped cooking altogether and had to give up my job as a Cook/Housekeeper although my lovely employer really encouraged me to please try and stay on. I stopped driving, walking my beloved dog, shopping and no end of other normal activities. One of the awful things was I became really scared of being in my own home on my own.

The effect on my family was something I feel really bad about. I had to text or phone my husband throughout the day to reassure me. He was aghast at the pathetic person I was presenting; he was extremely understanding and did take a lot of it in his stride until it was becoming clear that it wasn't going away.

I was having acupuncture weekly; I tried CBT, natural remedies, none of which helped. Visited my GP a lot and on one accession she actually asked did I want some anti-depressants (knowing full well the problem I'd had coming of a long-term drug) I was furious and felt totally lost and abandoned with nowhere to turn, surrounded by my family who just didn't know what to do to help.

"I had exhausted every other option and that’s when I came across The Linden Method"

I started to Google to try and find something that would help after feeling like I had exhausted every other option and that’s when I came across The Linden Method. Charles Linden. I read lots about Charles and was so amazed by his story that I felt confident to go ahead and try it. My husband said you have to try anything and encouraged me to try The Linden Method. At this point we were desperate to try anything that may help.
"I attended The Four Day Retreat in January of this year and it truly was a turning point for me"
I attended The Four Day Retreat in January of this year and it truly was a turning point for me. I arrived feeling really scared and a bit pathetic really but I was surrounded by a small group of people who were like me which was reassuring. The team were wonderful and welcoming, non-judgemental, I felt very safe.
I can only say that you are taught and re-educated about all the symptoms and beliefs that you have firmly convinced yourself of, that is the most amazing thing to recognise and it's very liberating.

The Method is a way of life that you adhere to and this is covered extensively at The Retreat. You can get continued support from the superb, professional team afterwards. I firmly believe there is nothing to touch it. It really does work.
For me now, my life is based on following The Method. I have gone back to work part-time, taking it steady. I now do all the daily things that I just gave up on. Most importantly we are making plans for a trip to Spain in our motor home with Freddie my dog, a country that I have barely visited and always dreamed of going to. We are looking at buying a small business in France, a long-term plan of ours that I had abandoned because of my anxiety. So it’s back on the French lessons.

In a 'Nutshell' my life is back on course again, I feel brilliant.

Don't hesitate to try TLM. It really does give you your life back. It’s a way of thinking and once you’ve cracked it you will be unstoppable. So please, just give it a go. What have you got to lose?

Please Understand...

I am an not an Anxiety Disorder Recovery Specialist, so I cannot provide recovery support or guidance to clients.

If you are interested in starting your journey to recovery and want to ask a question, you can get in touch with The Linden Centre by using the form below.

Just know that you can quickly become the person you were born to be.


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